Collaborate, Create, Communicate—Exploring and Mastering Media Tools

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Collaborate, Create, Communicate—Exploring and Mastering Media Tools

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Overcoming Fear of Facebook and other Social Media

Moderated by Blaine Fergerstrom

It’s been around since 2004. People are either on it or not. Love it or hate it, but you needn’t fear it. Blaine will help you to understand what it is, how people use it for personal reasons, social commentary, group information and business promotion.

Are We on the Same Page? “Confronting challenges converting between Word and Pages”

Moderated by Terrence Young

Terrence will share his personal experiences helping people convert documents between Microsoft Word and Apple Pages. Where are the potholes on the roadway? What works? What tools and techniques are useful? Are there alternatives?

Making the Transition to Digital SLR Cameras

Moderated by Eugene Villaluz

Eugene will share his journey from film to digital. His transition was confusing and challenging. The same dilemmas face people today who move from “point-and-shoots” to the complexities of digital SLR cameras. Is there a simple path to follow to make the transition rewarding?

MINI BONUS: Sneak Peek and Poke at FileMaker Pro 13

Moderated by Eugene Villaluz

What’s new or different in the latest version of FileMaker Pro 13. Will it be your lucky number?

We’ll also have an HI Touch Tech Open Help Clinic in the afternoon session.

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Trunx behind the iOS 8 ball, promises fix soon

Max the Trunx mascot

Software and systems break whenever unexpected changes occur. Here is a message from Trunx that warns users not to delete photos before the fix is issued. Apparently, Apple’s recent iOS 8 release is preventing the Trunx app from connecting with their cloud.

Message from Trunx, yesterday:

iOS 8 Users: An Important Message from Trunx

Dear Trunx users,

As you may know, Apple released a new version of their operating system last Thursday – iOS 8. We’ve been testing Trunx on every beta version of iOS 8 that Apple released to the development community since June to make sure the app would run as smoothly as possible.

Unfortunately, Apple made a last minute modification to iOS 8 without informing app developers. This change affects the way apps communicate with your photos, which has had a significant impact on Trunx.

The current issue is that photos you take with the native camera on iPhone and iPad are not being imported into Trunx and backed up into the cloud.

The good news is that we have already found a solution to the problem and have submitted a new version to Apple for approval. In the meantime, please do not delete any original photos from your gallery until we release a new version of the app!

Thank you for all of your support – we can’t tell you how much we appreciate it! We apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience in this matter.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at

All the best,
Trunx Team

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Convert your vCard files to CSV or LDIF


vCard to LDIF/CSV Converter

Convert your vCard files to CSV or LDIF in order to import them to Gmail (like A to G), Outlook and other database applications.

Apple Contacts / Address Book exports its records as vCard files or as Address Book Archives. The problem is that these formats cannot be read by Apple Numbers or FileMaker Pro (version 12).

Thomas Bruederli created this useful and free utility to make the process easy. You may download the files and place them on a computer with PHP installed. Or you may use the web application that Bruederli installed on his web site’s server.

vCard to LDIF/CSV Converter (version is free, may be modified and redistributed under the GNU General Public License.

Use the web application or download the program from this link:


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